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NEO The Rugged Mobile Handheld Computer


Pocketable Power

NEO is small. Very small. But it takes no prisoners.
Postal and Courier.
Warehousing and Distribution.
Supply chain.
Arenas and sports venues.
NEO plays a key role in them all, every day. And they love it.
Is NEO the most compact, intelligent, rugged handheld computer around? Quite possibly...

Power To Your Pocket

You need smaller, lighter data collection tools. But you won’t compromise on power or functionality. Now you don’t have to.
NEO proves that exceptionally good things come in small packages. Its compact size (it weighs just 9.7 oz. (275 grams)) coupled with a raft of features makes it perfect for the mobile workforce.

The pocket dynamo is setting industry alight. Stock checking. Inventory tracking. Light warehouse duty or full-on, in-store retail. NEO takes them all on. You want some?


It doesn’t mess around

NEO may be small but don’t be fooled. It’s unbelievably rugged. Which means it’s never out of action. And productivity never dips.
This lean machine can withstand being dropped from 4 feet (1.2 meters) to polished concrete. Twenty-six times over (it could take more, but after dropping it on every edge (12 drops), face (drops) and corner (8 drops) we know it will stand up to your environment. It packs an IP rating of 54, so you don’t have to worry about dust or moisture. And it can operate in harsh conditions: from 14ºF to 122ºF (-10ºC to +50ºC) .
Plus an eight-hour battery life means it lasts the whole shift.

Striking ergonomics

We always put the worker at the heart of our design. That’s why NEO just feels right. It’s bright, high-resolution colour display is angled towards the user. This makes it a dream to use – unlike the frustrating ‘scan, tilt and squint’ action of other devices.
And just feel the weight. Or lack of it. The stylish NEO tips the scales at just 9.7 oz., or 275 grams.






We can’t stop cramming

You wanted it, so we’ve given it to you. NEO is Windows® -based and integrates with loads of advanced data capture and communications functions. WLAN and Bluetooth® connectivity – check. VoIP, IM and texting functionality, so you’re never out of touch – that’s here too.
And there’s no need to fear the future. NEO can easily be expanded to incorporate new technologies, like RFID, as and when your apps demand it.

Choices, choices

Different apps have different requirements. NEO supports them all – it’s available with 48-key alphanumeric or 26-key numeric keyboards.



• Marvell® PXA270 Processor
• 312 or 624 MHz
• 128 MB SDRAM
• 128 MB Flash ROM

Wireless Communications

• On-board IEEE 802.11b/g (CCX V4 Certified)
• On-board Bluetooth® 2.0 + EDR radio (10 m range)

Operating System

• Windows® CE 5.0 Core
• Windows® CE 5.0 Professional
• Windows Mobile® 6.1

Application Software*

• Internet Explorer® 6 for CE
• Wordpad
• Active Sync
• Open TekTerm
• TESS terminal emulations
• IBM 3270, IBM 5250, HP 2392
• Wavelink®
• PTX Connect
*O/S Dependent

Barcode Applications

• 1D Laser Scanner Option
• 1D Imager Option
• 2D Imager Option 

Programming Environment

• Mobile Devices SDK 
• JavaTM 
• Visual Studio® 2008 
• Standard protocol APIs – Windows® sockets




User Interface

 • Multicolour LED for scanning and charging

Display (Backlit) 
• 2.7” QVGA portrait mode 
• QWERTY virtual option 
• Sunlight readable transmissive with touch screen 
• Colour 240 x 320 graphic TFT 
• Passive stylus or finger operation 
• Ergonomic tilted display

• Built-in microphone and receiver on all “WiFi” variants 
• 85 db internal beeper 
• Bluetooth® (on equipped models)

Keypad (Backlit) 
• 48 key Alpha Numeric 
• 26 large key Numeric 
• LED backlit keypad 
• Ergonomically enhanced for ambidextrous one-hand operation

Expansion Slots

• One MicroSD slot

Expansion Port

• Battery Power 
• USB signaling

Docking Port

• RS232 
• USB 
• DC Input









Power Management

• 3.7V @ 3300 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
• 10 hour battery operation (5 scans, transmit & receive/min)
• Built in gas gauge & performance monitor
• System backup (10 minutes) during battery swap
• 3 day real time clock backup
• Adjustable battery allocation between system backup and runtime

Physical Dimensions And Weight

• Device: 168 mm x 64 mm x 34 mm (6.6” x 2.5” x 1.3”)
• Grip Area: 56 mm / 2.2” (W)
• Weight with battery: 275 g (0.6 lb)

Regulatory Approvals

• FCC 15.247
• IC RSS210
• CE ETSI EN 300 328, ETSI EN 301 489, EN 55022, EN55024
• Safety IEC 60950-1
• Laser Safety IEC 60825-1

User Environment

• Operating Temperature: -10ºC to +50ºC (14ºF to 122 ºF)
• Storage Temperature: -20ºC to +60ºC (-4ºF to 140ºF)
• Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
• Rain & Dust Protection: IP54, IEC 529
• Drop: 1.2 m (4 ft) – 26 drops to polished concrete
• Shock and Vibe: Random
vibration 1 m2/s3 @ 5 to 200 Hz, 0.5 m2/s3 @ 200-500 with duration of 100 min/axes, 3 axes, and shock of
150 m/s2 @11ms and 300 m/s2 @ 6ms
• ESD: +/- 8k Vdc air discharge, +/- 4k Vdc contacts


Cables And Adapters

Cable Tether

Cable tether.
Part No: 1030223 Model No: CA1050


Cable, Tether Serial USB to RS232 converter

This Tether Serial USB to RS232 Adapter provides RS232 connectivity to the WORKABOUT PRO through the tether port on the bottom of the handheld unit.
Part No: 1050077 Model No: WA4020


Tether to USB A Cable

Enables users to connect USB A terminated devices (such as printers, scanners, GPS module) to the WORKABOUT PRO, 3 point tether connector improves strength and stability when connected to the device.
Part No: 1050552 Model No: WA1002

HHT to Micro USB and DC Jack Adapter

HHT to Micro USB (female) and DC Jack.
Part No: 1081296 Model No: PX3054

USB to Ethernet Cable

MicroUSB to Ethernet for use with Desktop Charger/Docker.

USB Type A to STD USB Type A receptacle and STD USB Type A plug to RJ45 plug (2 cable solution).
Part No: 1081292 Model No: PX3052

Carry Devcies And Covering Accessories


Leather Carry Case for NEO

The Leather Carry Case has a transparent keyboard protective cover, a hand strap, and comes with a belt clip. It allows use with scanner or imager.
Part No: N/A Model No: PX3029


NEO Handstrap

Handstrap fastens to the back of the handheld with adjustable strap and release clip. Features stitched elastic stylus holder, threaded loop and metal eyelet with screw.

Part No: 1081295 Model No: PX3024


NEO Wrist Strap

Wrist strap designed for operator work safety and comfort. Includes stitched stylus holder, release clip and tether lanyard for stylus.

Part No: 1081282 Model No: PX3028


NEO Shoulder Strap

Single loop adjustable length shoulder strap with release clip. Uses small gauge threaded loop.

Part No: 1081286 Model No: PX3022


NEO Pistol Grip

The PX3035’s ergonomic design with its overmolded soft rubber grip provides added comfort when extensive scanning is required. Easily installed and removed without special tools or screws, the PX3035 comes with an embedded Stylus located in the base of the handle.

Part No: 1081354 Model No: PX3035


NEO Screen Protector

The PX3065 provides extra protection for your NEO screen. There are 3 protective screens in a pack.

Part No: 1081366 Model No: PX3065

Protective Rubber Boot

The Protective Rubber Boot for NEO is designed to provide greater protection in harsh environments.  The Protective Rubber Boot can be used with the Pistol Grip, Wrist Strap, Hand Strap or Shoulder Strap.  The lower portion of the Protective Rubber Boot can be adjusted to allow NEO to be placed in the Single or Quad Charger without completely removing the Rubber Boot.


Carry Holster

Includes spare battery pouch with stylus holders. Usable with optional pistol grip installed (PX3030).

Part No: 1081285 Model No: PX3020


Belt Kit

Utilizes existing quick release belt clip (9003637) with adapter and 2 screws.

Part No: 1081287 Model No: PX3025


Charges And Docking Stations

Desktop Dock with Integrated V.92 Analog Modem and Spare Battery Slot

The PX3008 desktop dock integrates docking and analog modem functionally. It allows charging of the NEO and a spare battery, USB connectivity, and data connections over a PSTN line.
Part No: N/A Model No: PX3008

Cigarette Lighter Adapter for NEO

12VDC - 24VDC input. Compatible with PX3054 NEO adapter.

Part No: 9010762 Model No: PX3056

Quad Docking Unit for NEO

  • Quad Unit Charger with Ethernet capability and individual IP addresses
  • Charger supports simultaneous charging of 4 main units
  • Includes PX3005 oower supply and mains cable
  • Supports 110-240 VAC with power indicator LED
  • Includes User Manual

Wall Charger Adapter

  • Includes wall adaptor with DC Jack and assortment of clip-on power plugs
  • Supports 110-240VAC
  • Includes International plug kit

Part No: 9010755 Model No: PX3010

Desktop Dock

Single Desktop Charger with Micro USB Connection and spare battery charging slots. Includes PX3010 Wall Adapter (with International Plug Kit), micro USB Cable.

Simultaneously charges the main unit and the spare battery. A charging LED indicates “Charging” status of the spare battery. Ethernet capability via separate cable connection to the micro USB receptacle.


Stylus (5Pk) for NEO

9.5 cm long replacement stylus with tether loop hole.  5 styluses per pack.
Part No: 1081288 Model No: PX3026

Mounts And Cradles

Wall Mount Bracket - For Quad Charger

Includes area for power supply.  Alignment tabs for secure lock down installation.

Part No: 1081294 Model No: PX3014

Wall Mount Bracket - For Desktop Charger

Alignment tabs for secure lock down installation.

Part No: 1081293 Model No: PX3011

PowerSupplies And Accessories

Power Supply - Quad Docking Unit

Power supply for use with NEO Quad Docker / Charger (PX3004). Power cord must be ordered separately.

Part No: 9010756 Model No: PX3005


High Frequency RFID Back Pack

The HF Multi ISO Reader Module is mounted on the back side of NEO and supports a broad range of tags. It is compliant with ISO 14443 type A and B standards, including SR176 tags, tags which belong to the NXP MIFARE family, ISO 15693 tags, ISO 18000-3, EPC HF, and UID tags.
Part No: N/A Model No: PX3070


 Specification Sheet
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