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Suraj Informatics is a leading IT and Telecommunication Infrastructure Services and Solution Company. At Suraj Informatics, we have one simple focus i.e., to enable an infrastructure with advanced technologies that delivers not only on performance, but also on investment. As a leading end-to-end solutions integrator, we harness our vast resources and specialized skills, with our strategic partnerships and broad regional presence to offer expert technology solutions to businesses. Our expertise in the design, integration and management of communications infrastructure makes us a preferred partner for businesses - ranging from Contact Centers and Enterprises to Government and Service Providers. The depth and breadth of our experience, which spans projects for a varied clientele, is our greatest asset and customers are our best testimonials.

  Link e-business applications with one another

  Synchronize customer communications

 Successfully integrate packaged applications into an existing infrastructure

 Manage business processes that cut across multiple applications

 Provide real-time distribution of information to partners, customers, and employees

Network Life Cycle Services

It is no longer enough to have a partner who can install, configure and integrate communications infrastructure. Suraj Informatics specializes in end-to-end solutions integration and capable of offering life-cycle services. As your strategic technology and business partner, we help you add value to your network infrastructure and maximize returns on investment (ROI) with a structured, multi-step methodology comprising Plan, Deploy, Manage, Enhance, and Innovate. It has been developed to cover all phases of the networking life-cycle. It allows us to assume single point of ownership and to standardize work practices, ensuring a seamless transition through the various phases of the customer's
infrastructure lifecycle. In addition, it assures the highest level of service delivery at every stage. We can customize these stages of the life-cycle services to your business requirements.


Suraj Informatics provides consulting and design capabilities to help you create a technology vision and strategy that is aligned to your business objectives. This planning stage includes an assessment of the current technology environment and the impact of industry best practices and emerging technologies. he result is the development of a technical design, Gap analysis and a roadmap to help you achieve your business objectives.


Suraj Informatics provides you with all the components necessary for a solution's development life cycle. First, we help you gather information on your requirements. Following which, our seamless procurement process combined with expert logistics management ensures the flow of goods and materials to the right place, at the right price and time. Suraj Informatics integrates and deploys technology solutions. into your organization's existing IT and business processes with minimal disruption and risk. By managing project risk effectively, we add value to your IT deployments, ensuring each and every project is implemented on-time and in-budget.


We offer business continuity services. By becoming an extension of your own IT department, we give you access to advanced facilities at fractional costs. Remote systems-monitoring is managed on a 24x7 basis and an on-line, real-time report is provided. - Choose the level of delegation that suits your business

     Option of annual contracts or adhoc transactions
      Flexible solutions empower you to build your own support plan

    Our comprehensive support services ensure that your technology is running efficiently and effectively, so as to maximize the ROI of your IT deployments, optimize asset utilization and lengthen the useful life cycle of technology solutions.


Suraj Informatics is focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of technology solutions on an ongoing basis, continually evaluating new technologies for their potential to support your business bjectives.


With your business success in mind, Suraj Informatics combines its consulting expertise together with an intimate knowledge of your IT infrastructure in order to commercialize new ideas through innovative use of technology.

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